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About Our Cattery

​ The Kings/Queens in the AP family are adopted from reputable breeders internationally and have European championship bloodlines. They have been genetically tested for genetic diseases N/N and come with a five-generation pedigree certificate (please check the Kings/Queens page for more information). 

Our cattery is Located in the beautiful city of  Vancouver. The Kings/Queens at AP each have their own separate rooms. There are currently five separate rooms in our cattery: a room for our kings, a room for our Queens, a nursery room for pregnant female cats/birth/sitting moons, a nursery room for kittens 2-5 months old, and an quarantine room for cats/ kittens that need to be isolated. All the Devons in the AP family live under 24/7 supervision while having plenty of free time everyday to socialize and play. Our Devons can also entertain themselves at our yards.

With the outbreak of the covid-19 in Canada, we are not currently participating in any cat shows because of potential health risks. We don’t know how long this will last, but we are expecting to take part in cat shows in the coming year.

AP Devon Rex Diet

The diet for Devons at AP consist of  raw meat protein, freeze-dried raw meat, and canned wet food from prominent brands


Cat Food (include but not limited to): Famina, Go Full-Time Ages Cat Food, Orijen, and Acana.


Freeze-dried raw meat (include but not limited to): Ziwi, Feline Natural Freeze-Dried (K9), Meow, Vital Cat Freeze-Dried, and Stella&Chewy's Freeze-Dried.


Canned (include but not limited to): Royal, Tiki, Feline Natural K9, Ziwi, Farmina(N&D) and Now Meal Packs.


Raw food (include but not limited to): Buddies series and 3P.


Homemade cat raw diet: Raw meat purchased from Costco

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